Day 58 of 100, northern Jutland, Denmark

Today I’ve been mostly occupied by green.

Microsoft wallpaper green.

The kind of green that looks like someone hit that saturation slider, hard.

Like when the sun, fighting its way out of obscurity, is all “yeah baby!” in its 5 seconds of triumph.

You know, neon, almost.

Mad color. It gets me every time.

It’s cold here though. The strong, chilly breeze sinks its fingers into my neck when I walk out the house. Becomes the Balrog of moving air when we breach the protective line of windbreaker elms separating the crop fields. It’s colder than the last time we were here – a week or two ago? We’ve been doing this so frequently over the last few weeks I’ve lost track – when I foolishly decided to go out running and then came back 10 minutes later, lungs afire from the fight to inhale, air ripped out of my mouth by the frozen gale that howls along this peninsula.


  1. Brian Miller says:


    Your must be mad then, no?

    1. Charlene says:

      And/or not very smart :D But yes, totally.

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