#HerSideOfTheRoad comes to a close with Birka Wiedmaier’s interview

Day 60 of 100, northern Jutland, Denmark

My last interview for #HerSideOfTheRoad project has just been published: Going Underground With Birka Wiedmaier.

Birka is working on an intriguing series of double exposures on the Berlin and Moscow metro rail system: Underground Moscow – Berlin. In an enlightening interview about how she came to shoot first one metro line, and then another, Birka takes us through what drives her creatively. Read the interview, and enjoy her incredible photographs. It should be mentioned that while we were wrapping up the interview, I discovered that she’d shot the entire project with an X-T1. Ha!

End Of (Her Side Of) The Road

The collective Instagram portion of #HerSideOfTheRoad that I was curating for @womeninstreet, comes to a close today, hot on the heels of Birka’s interview. As I mentioned in my goodbye post, it’s been lovely discovering other photographers who work on transportation themes.

My biggest thanks to Casey Meshbesher, who founded @womeninstreet, and gave me this wonderful opportunity to contribute to the street photographers community. The community she built remains – hands down – the best thing I’ve come across on any social media platform.

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