An absence of rain

Day 64 of 100, northern Jutland, Denmark

Yesterday it was sunny. For more than 5 minutes. I’ve learned in this place, and this season, that one does outside things when presented with this rarity. Rain is never far.

So we walked into town. It took about an hour, past the many old farmsteads that line various little roads. A happy, muddy retriever came running out to wag and fawn, and three cars must have passed us by (rush hour in the country). The clouds kept at bay, shedding moisture in an arc further away, but never threatening our little patch of speckled blue.


  1. Mark Kinsman says:

    Rain has been the story of Spring here in the USA Midwest. Brief periods of sun bring wind which makes photographing the Spring beauty a challenge. The farmers are starting the seasonal plowing and planting cycle for crops to come. When the weather permits, the dogs take their owners out for a walk and a bit of play in the dog parks dotting the suburbs of Chicago.

    1. Charlene says:

      The ploughing and planting are in swing here in northern Jutland too. I’d love for a dog to go walking with. Failing that, there are plenty of neighbors who have lovely four legged companions to make friends with.

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