The green grass of home

Day 66 of 100, northern Jutland, Denmark

I wrote about sunshine the other day, which made the sun disappear faster than you could say “you did?”

Well, it happened again, right around dinner time. Five minutes after rain was punishing the windows with a million fine whiplashes, it stopped, and the weather evaporated. We bundled up and ran outside…. right into wind strong enough to carry us down the road involuntarily. But oh to watch the grass crop rippling in its force, in that glorious light.

(enable HD, or it’s ugly)

Sunset, of course, was spectacular, from behind the warm protection of double-paned windows.


  1. Mark Kinsman says:

    Woah! That’s windy. I could feel the wind in the video. I felt like the guy In the old Maxell tape commercials …Seems like the wind here is stronger than in the past years too.
    Must be that global warming that our current regime is in denial about regarding its very existence .

    1. Charlene says:

      Well, it is generally very windy around here, so this is pretty normal from all reports. I don’t think I’ve seen those Maxwell tape commercials though.

  2. Fran Oldham says:

    As Mark K said, the wind looks vicious and it sounds that way, too.
    How do they keep the grass so short? It looks like a crewcut…or is it goats?

    1. Charlene says:

      Haha Fran, there were only tiny shoots poking out from the soil a little over a week ago. New grass!

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