Hello sunshine

Day 67 of 100, northern Jutland, Denmark

There are many creatures around here to greet when you walk around on dry days. There is the odd human, of course, who sometimes comes out to chat, but mostly waves from the confines of a tractor, in these days of ploughing and planting.

There are the dogs, always waggy and by far my favourite kind of creature to meet: a couple of golden retrievers, labradors, a hyperactive German shepherd, and an aging basset hound who’s always good for a scratch and a cuddle… when she can make the jouney from the front porch to where you are by the road.

There are the horses. A posse of Danish warmbloods by the breeders down the road, the Friesians that reportedly drew the carriage of the Queen when she came to visit, who will extend their regal noses to over the fence for a rub. Then there’s the little piebald in the picture, who’s not much bigger than a labrador, has a coat as soft as a puppy, and enjoys a scratch behind the ears as much as any dog. We once watched him getting led into the stables by the 3 year old he must belong to. Every ten steps they took, he’d toss his head upwards, and his small human would fall backward into the grass.

There are cats. From a distance.


  1. walker says:

    who’s gonna ride your wild horse?

    1. Charlene says:

      The one that drowns in my blue sea

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