Day 74 of 100, Nordjylland, Danmark

Soup day.

There had been talk over the week, about Flemming’s father making his spring soup today – a long boiling broth with chicken and vegetables. Soup is my favourite food group, and he was looking forward to making it, so everyone was pretty excited.

Video still.

Dinner making is a communal activity with the Jensens, from Copenhagen to Nordjylland. It’s very hyggelig indeed, and lovely to be a part of. As this house is ridiculously photogenic, heavenly light pouring in from all angles, no matter the weather – I decided to film Flemming’s dad making this magic broth (yes, with my new graphite wonder).

Video still.

The soup took most of a day to make, but it was divine. Unsurprisingly, I overdid it, drinking enough to burst. All worth it in the end though. Good soup and good company are never to be taken for granted. I could never know, four years ago, that I’d be partaking in such ordinary delights half way across the world, a planet away from the life I’d known until then. It was a good day, like most of the days we’ve spent here.

I’ll be riffling through my footage for the next week or two, to see if I have anything to put a film together with. I filmed it as a lark, with no prep and no concept, so I might come up empty handed… don’t hold your breath!



2 thoughts on “Soup

  1. Absolutely love the lead photo, and the others are also sweet. I see the beginning of another project here. These are part of a story that leaves one wanting to know more.

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