Clear days

Day 78 of 100, Nordjylland, Danmark

One from a few nights ago. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a night this clear. It was sunshine and cold wind in the day, and frosty at night.

I shoot that line of trees everyday, because I walk by it everyday. This happened to be one of the days I brought a camera along, and a longer-than-usual lens (more than 50mm equivalent, for me).

I look at a lot of minimalist photos online. You know the kind – a vast expanse of snow and one dark tree in the corner, so spare it looks more like 2 broad strokes of a brush on white paper, than a photo. I love that aesthetic, and find it impossible to get myself into that thinking habit: can’t figure out how to make the monkey in my brain shut up and stop howling. But once in a while, I make a picture like this, and think that maybe I’ll learn to. One day.


  1. Mark Kinsman says:

    Love it! Nice to see such an open expanse with a distant line of trees. Here I. The cluttered suburbs of Chicago, it’s a sight seldom seen. Driving west out to the farms is about as close as you can get. I too, enjoy the minimalist esthetic and try to throw my monkeys a banana or two to keep ’em busy long enough for me to remember to see these images when I can. Good ones can be a challenge to find.

    1. Charlene says:

      I’m a big-city slicker myself, so I get you, believe me. This range of vision is, in my life, exceptionally rare.

      Let me know if you ever come across a particularly effective banana. The troupe in my head is insuppressible.

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