Sun and shadow

Day 79 of 100, Nordjylland, Danmark

I’m not sure what to do about this daily sunshine, after 2 months of grey. Truth be told I do really kind of miss the grey, although the warming is very welcome. But where there’s sun, there’s shadow. And wind break trees are bare, so I’m making the most of them while they’re still gnarling in the shade.

I’ve been shooting with my phone more than I ever have, for the first time since I’ve owned a smart phone. In processing this picture, I cloned out a power pole and a tree branch, with two taps (you can see the remainder of the power pole in the mass of trees on the left). It’s even easier than it is on my laptop, and I find doing these things almost too easy on the laptop. This is my first foray into making pictures with my phone (late to the party, that’s me), and I’m constantly surprised at how powerful the little computer in my pocket is. It allows me to make all kinds of things with almost too much ease.

We live in the future.