Feel the buuuurrrrrnnnnn

Day 81 of 100, Nordjylland, Danmark

1. Sun: ✔
2. Blue sky: ✔
3. Everything that can bloom, in bloom = ✔, because
4. Warmth: ✔,✔ and ✔! It’s 21 steaming Celsius outside!

Move over spring, it’s summer in the frozen north!!!!

Remember what I said in the last post about all this weather talk? Well here’s one more. The first day of warmth here in the frozen reaches of the world feels like a mega (and I mean MEGA) adrenalin shot to the brain. *

Bring out the SPF 50, the sunnies and my god, the shorts. The people are getting some vitamin D!
* Which I am blaming shamelessly for the overload of textures and filters and whatnot on this poor photo.