Little things

Day 86 of 100, Nordjylland, Danmark

If the past four years have taught me anything, it is that things rarely go according to plan. The simplest things in my life are incredibly prone to diversion. I know this life on the road is supposed to be full of surprised, and I live it to embrace it, but some days (usually when I haven’t had enough sleep) I often wonder how the simplest of things manages to surprise me.

Like salt in tea. I have drunk a cup or two of tea, every single morning of my life, for about 20 years now. You would think said cuppa would pretty much make itself. But no. Every once in a while, I must put salt in my tea. Instead of sugar. Or, better yet, in addition to honey.

That is quite a concoction to take a hearty gulp of.

And that’s just tea. Over the past half year in particular, stopping to take stock is to do an epic amount of head scratching and go “how the *&#&^$$&# did I end up here?” None of this was planned. All of it, one merry surprise-o-round. And yet, if there’s anything I’ve learned in the past four years, it is to be thankful when deviations don’t turn out to be a disaster. Little goes to plan, but there have been enough nasty end results, that whenever a deviation brings about a change of pace that’s workable, or sometimes even positive, those are good things.

Gratitude for small mercies, because it’s little breaks that allow for much bigger things to take place.