Day 87 of 100, Nordjylland, Danmark

“THE FIRST DANES… Under the moraine at the edge of a river valley in South Jutland were found, in 1972, some crudely dressed flint artefacts, and an exploration of the site established that, 250,000 years old, they constituted traces of the country’s first inhabitants: hunters, able to cut meat from the felled game.” – from Denmark: Introduction. Prehistory

Around this house is the rich black dirt that is yielding, in this planting cycle, canola, hay and potatoes. The tree in the window, silhouetted against the light night, shelters crops from the savage wind as it has for generations.

Half a kilometre down the road, a barrow waits, as it has for three or four thousand years, for another age.

The tide of long days banishes the gloom for another season.



4 thoughts on “Season

    1. I don’t think I’ve got it in me to do 200, Ora. Writing everyday (and trying not to spout too much rubbish) is kind of hard. I’m still thinking about another blog project though, involving longer form writing. Any ideas?

    1. Thank you! Yeah this is an extremely photogenic home. The light in here is like nowhere else.

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