Sprog, for fanden

Day 90 of 100, Denmark – Germany

So, for the past year or something I’ve managed to acquire a low level of Danish literacy. Mainly through exposure, although there are spurts of dedicated word-by-word Google translating if I find something interesting to read, like viking history.

I can read Danish at kindy level (unless it’s about Vikings, or food, then I’m way up there with the primary schoolers), but it’s a whole different ball game from understanding Danish speech (still can’t), and of course, trying to speak it. A word like grydelåg (pot lid) is a string of baffling sounds to this ear. Ditto rødgrød med fløde, porrer (leek), and pretty much every word with an r (or three) in it.

The first time I met Flemming’s sister, I tried to say “button” and ended up saying “fuck.”

Who knew there was so little difference between the two?

(Jeg er heldig min vrøvl er en smule sjovt for Flemmings familie!)