Travellers, travelling.

Day 96 of 100, Farsø, Danmark

And back we are from Vejle.

This week has been:

  • Farsø (DK) to Hannover (DE)
  • Hannover (DE) to Farsø (DK)
  • Farsø (DK) to Vejle (DK)
  • Vejle (DK) to Farsø (DK)

That is a lot of train travel, even for one who likes travelling by rail. A lot of administrative matters to attend to, two talks to give, and one’s own unbelievable stupidity to reinforce (because where would be the fun in being smart all the time, I ask you?), among other things.

But it’s done. The many items that have filled Flemming’s and my task lists since we landed in Europe at the beginning of March, are concluded. All done.

I need to sleep for three days.