Experimentation – phone shooting

Day 97 of 100, Nordjylland, Danmark

I’m almost done with my hundred days. It has been a good project, and many thanks to those of you (12 now, a 400% increase from the last count of 3!) who have been following along. It got easier to keep to as the days went by, simply by giving myself the leave to write whatever the hell I’d felt like writing.

Something else I did in tandem with this writing project, was shoot with my phone. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never liked shooting with a phone. It’s not a thing I enjoy holding, slippery, finicky a sliver as it is. I do love post processing on the phone though. My present phone – a Xiaomi Mi4 – has been the first I’ve owned that is grunty and late-model enough to run updated processing apps without crashing, and actually produces decent JPEGs. Port a picture into Snapseed, and 5 minutes later, voilà: one of the weird, textured pictures you’ve seen on this blog, or Instagram, if you follow me there.

In learning to not fight the machine, it’s been getting easier to coax it into doing what I want it to.