Lessons from keeping a daily diary

Day 99 of 100, Nordjylland, Danmark

This is it, the second last post of this Hundred Day Diary project. Most of these posts have been drivel, but regardless, it’s been challenging to keep a public daily diary.

1. Writing something cogent everyday is hard.

I write reams of gibberish all the time, but sifting through all the voices in my head to produce a piece that starts and ends with structured thought? I may have managed that once. But as I mentioned on day 80, producing a post a day has meant that I don’t have the time I need, to reflect on stuff for longer posts. I am not suggesting that somewhere in this addled mind is a tome of wisdom waiting to be written. Only that I need more time than most to make sense. [Edit: I also need time to correct the hell out of my shoddy grammar]

2. My intention in the beginning, was to include a picture shot on the day itself. Pfft.

That lasted 3 posts. I mean, I’m sure I shoot award winning frames every time I depress the shutter, but daily exposure to such brilliance is too much!

I kid, I kid. No, the writing was enough of a task. One thing at a time.

3, Space for thought

What and how I write is influenced, not only by the situation I am in – nomad life comes with constant unexpecteds, good and bad, ugly and beautiful – but where I write. All other work is possible surrounded by people in the general bustle of shared space, but I can only write when I’m alone (yeah, I see you, doing the side-eye at my screen ;) ).

4. Time for thought

Continuing from #3, I need to spend more time by myself. Nomad living involves sharing small spaces…. at least, until we win Lotto. Over long stretches of time, this feeds the monkey in my head way too many bananas. The head already has very limited resources, without needing to allocate to mental zoo keeping, taking up bandwidth – as mentioned in #1 – that I’d like to allocate to slightly more productive activity.

5. The words are back

Despite all the above though, the words came back. It was a struggle in the first half of this project to get simple sentences down and published, but it did get easier with practice, as it should have.

So this project is over, its purpose served.