Flights of fancy


So much rides on history, doesn’t it?

In Singapore one goes to the airport for fun. It’s really a big mall where you can also get on a plane. I don’t say this in jest either – Changi Airport is proudly Singapore’s biggest mall.

I hung out here lots in school going years – to talk life and the universe with friends; to study (allegedly) during exam time; to find respite from the hot rush of the city; with my parents to watch the planes take off and land from the viewing galleries in both terminals – terminal 3 was completed after I left Singapore.

Some days ago, my nephew Shane and I followed that pattern through all 3 terminals, revelling in Changi’s cool broad spaces, taking a moment to dream.



4 thoughts on “Flights of fancy

  1. Cool! As a kid, O’hare Airport was a place to to watch planes too. All that changed with 911. Now only travelers have the privilege to wander the terminals. Not a mall like atmosphere other than the mini restaurants and shops.

  2. You mean you can’t even go into the non-customs part of the airport for a wander?

    Yeah 911 has changed a lot of things about traveling. Thankfully, here’s the airport remains a nice place to hang out (especially when one lives as close to it as i do).

  3. The only places you can go are the front area for departures where you check bags and the baggage claim areas in the lower level. The majority of the terminals are off limits for non passengers.

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