By any other name

You know, I’m really not a flower person. I like flowers well enough where they naturally occur, but I would be a bit horrified to be presented a bouquet of the things, artfully arranged for the blushing beauty queen mincing down an aisle in slinky bindings and hobbles, an ensemble popularly known as “dress and shoes.” And roses, don’t even get me started on those senselessly overpriced, high maintenance, fast dying tokens of “love.”

Wait, you say, I’m not really sure how you feel about flowers.

It appears karma wasn’t either.

New Zealand’s brand of cosmic justice is humorous though. New Zealand presented me with a flower – nay, a rose – I could learn to be fond of.

This one below?

It’s called a Tequila Sunrise.


  1. Mike. says:

    That is a beautiful rose (and photograph), Charlene. I love flowers – but not gardening.

    1. Charlene says:

      I’m with you on gardening Mike. Loathe it

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