Winter, Chapter 3: Of Frozen Lakes

Above: skaters on Peblinge Sø in Copenhagen last week.

We made our trip to Copenhagen on another sub zero day. It was windy too, as it seems to always be in this city. Walking into the freezing wind from Nørreport station to where we were headed in Nørrebro, was… I don’t remember. I think my world might have shrunk to the one spot somewhere inside my 2 scarves that was a bit warm.

Then we hit Queen Louise’s Bridge (Dronning Louises Bro).

Down by Peblinge Sø. Copenhagen, Denmark March 2018

The lakes flanking the big bridge had frozen over.

And there were people on the ice.

The odd patches of rippling water were slate on Peblinge Sø’s otherwise frozen surface. People, inelegant dark grains on that field of white. Swans, stately ice sculptures despite their bold greed.

In the distance, the sun was losing its battle with the clouds. But not before it swept across the lakes with a final burst that warmed you right down to the marrow.

Peblinge Sø. Copenhagen, Denmark 2018.
Water fowl, Peblinge Sø. Copenhagen, Denmark March 2018
Encased. Peblinge Sø. Copenhagen, Denmark 2018.

Peblinge Sø. Copenhagen, Denmark 2018.


  1. Rob Oresteen says:

    Loving these, Charlene. Can you share you B&W pp? Thank you – Rob

    1. Charlene says:

      Rob, I’m a tinkerer, so it’s different for every picture. The very top one was underexposed to make sure I got highlight info, but here are Lightroom slider values:

      Black and white with a reduction on Red luminosity
      +25 contrast
      +26 highlights
      +40 shadows
      +48 whites
      0 blacks
      +20 clarity
      A desired amount of grain.

      And then it will all change when I go to print it.

  2. Mike says:

    Lovely set of memories, Charlene; and interesting to read that the post processing is different for screen and print.

    1. Charlene says:

      Isn’t it always though?

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