Winter, Chapter 4: Whiteout

Northern Jutland, Denmark

From Hillerød, we travel to the farmlands of northern Jutland, where tiny, delicate galanthus bloom despite the frosts.

The evening of arrival was bluer than I had ever seen, but throughout the night, all colour was sucked into a blinding void.

In the aftermath, there was no sound and no movement. Only the world, stillborn of the silent tempest. The crunch of our feet in snow echoed across its frozen oblivion.


  1. I don’t like snow but you’ve turned it into a cracking series of shots Charlene! Though I do love the simplicity it gives photographs in the right hands. We’ve got a bit here at the moment, just enough to make it slippery out there but not enough for simplicity, more spottiness!

    1. You’ve had some weather over there, I say. I love the snow. This is probably the 4th encounter I’ve had with snow in my whole life, so I suspect novelty has a lot to do with it. I’ve had a great time in the cold, over the last month though.

  2. Great sensitivity toward composition. You’re experiencing the major reward of traveling unknown territory to one’s self. Your eyes see in a way native eyes gloss over because of the redundancy of seeing the same vista repeatedly. It’s just human nature. Keep experiencing and sharing.

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