Back to black… and white


I’m back in the motherland.

It’s always a bit of a rough landing, coming back to the big smoke after an extended time in the country. After years of this transition, you’d think I’d be used to it.

The role transition – from functional adult to child (albeit, an old, overgrown one) in my mum’s house – is also very much a part of this. I’m Asian. It wouldn’t matter if I was the CEO of Microsoft. My mother will still assume my working understanding of kitchen appliances is suspect.

I exaggerate for effect. To her credit, Mum has adapted remarkably well to my being home again, especially considering the process began right when we lost my dad. She’d gone from working professional with an angsty teenager, to retiree with almost middle-aged (*gulp*) adult offspring she doesn’t much understand with no transition in between the long years I’ve been abroad, with unprecedented grace.

Said offspring never quite saw herself moving back home at this age, but then again, said offspring never quite saw most of the events of the last five years either. That’s a story for another day though.

I’d stopped writing much in April, after the sun came back to Denmark, and the snows melted. So much has happened in the past three months, without my stopping to think about it, that it’ll all have to come through piecemeal. It’s good to be back in my writing space.

In the meantime, my long-suffering attempts to shoot Singapore in black and white are continuing, a nice way to tackle the jetlag head on. Thanks to Zahir and Lei who came out for a shoot and a chat, a couple of days after I got home. The pictures in these post were made on that day. I think I may finally be starting to get the hang of making monochrome images in Singapore.

Speaking of black and white in Singapore, I’ve got an exciting announcement coming up very soon. Stay tuned, but in the meantime, enjoy.