Elsewhere on the Web…


I’ve been writing elsewhere on the web these days, being very lax about keeping this blog up to date. Apologies to those of you who come here hoping to find me as prolific as I am on a platform like Instagram (@charlene.winfred).

All of my longer pieces these days live on the Fujilove website. So if you’re a Fuji / Charlene enthusiast (ha!), head over.

June‘s piece was just published, a follow up piece from May’s, about the process of my B&W journey. Check it out here: Making Monochrome

The archive to date can be found below.

May: On Monochrome and Meaning

April: Staying in Focus on the Visual Journey

March: Away from home: Refreshing perspective Part 2

February: Closing the Distance in 2018: A Refresh of Perspective

January: Five years with Fuji