Despite my best efforts, the pictures that insist on being made here, the motherland, are those that slip between the cacophony of nation building.



2 thoughts on “Neighbourhood

  1. Thank you, Charlene, your pictures here, with their thoughtfulness and calm deliberateness, are strangely beautiful. At the same time, many of your photos elsewhere on this site, equally compelling, were surely quite reactive. I’m curious: Do you take a mood or an idea out the door with you that predisposes you to certain aspects of your surroundings rather than others, and so the sort of pictures you’ll take? Or is it simply that once you’re out, something in your surroundings – a certain person, say, or (perhaps as in the above?) a scene, or quality of light – piques your interest, and the picture follows. Any thoughts would be appreciated (as, of course, would more photos!). Thank you again.

    1. Well, it mostly depends mostly on where I am and what’s happening around me. These were taken while walking around late at night, and there wasn’t much to react to, so I was really looking for a certain feeling… or in this case, maybe “projecting a certain feeling” would be a more accurate description. I try to keep my personal shooting as instinctual as possible, but I have to admit I haven’t been doing much of it in the last couple of months. I enjoy the hectic nature of street shooting, but making pictures like the ones above are as much a process of catharsis as photography.

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