Map-Making on Shifter

Dan Milnor over at Shifter did a write up of Map-Making, the book that Eileen and I collaborated on.

It’s always special, and a little harrowing, to have Dan’s discerning eye look over my handiwork. I did the layout for this book, and those of you who have a copy, will know that it is extremely simple. I am no designer and my goal for the layout was equally simple: to give each of her poems all the space they needed to breathe, and allow the same for each of my pictures. We might not have had that luxury of page count and negative space, had we gone the traditional publishing route.

More than anyone, getting an indication from him that Eileen and I didn’t handle our maiden collaborative attempt too badly, is a massive encouragement to do this more: make stuff, put it out in the world.

Go read it. Go. Go now.