Through the Veil

Remember this epic sandstorm from the last post?

Sandstorm scapes

Well, that was just a taster of what we (Erin at the wheel, Ashley and me passenging) were in for, the rest of the ride in.

The 8 hour journey from Dohuk to Sulaymaniyah was made half in the dark, through windy mountain roads, and a great sea of dust. The dust, thick and persistent as it was, enveloped us in a shroud that made everything outside the car completely surreal, straight out of an episode of the X-Files. Pictures, for your viewing pleasure.

Closing in on the alien landing site!
This was an establishment? Residence? Rest stop? off the main highway. Could have been an underwater city from that 80’s movie The Abyss.
I’m really liking how Fuji cameras interpret fluorescent light as blue instead of green. Blockbuster lighting straight out of the camera
Oncoming vehicle, or extraterrestrial craft homing in?
Speed limits were always visible, even if no one paid them much attention.
As we closed in on Sulaymaniyah, fruit sellers started appearing on the sides of the highway again. And I, as always, was unable to resist these picturesque scenes.
Streets of Gold
Windshield. Yup, it was a bit dusty out there.
Signs of home.
And one of our skipper to cap the post off :)


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