Stockholm, April 2018

I visited Stockholm for an afternoon, three years ago, to give a presentation at the Fujifilm Nordic office. I had an hour in between activities to walk around.

Sunset by the harbour. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018

Before I set foot in Stockholm, the only things I knew about the city were

  1. It’s the capital of Sweden
  2. Fujifilm Nordic is headquartered there (and yes, we visited with the great folks who look after us photographically)

I had no idea about anything else, beyond a few photos I’d seen on Instagram. I figured it would be something like Copenhagen, just bigger and more…. well, Swedish, whatever that meant.

The Two Towers. Kungstornen (King’s Towers). Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018

Then I had a glimpse of it during that hour in 2015. I was flabbergasted. All those islands and bridges and graceful spires rising from the water… it was the most beautiful city I’d ever set eyes on. I’m a sucker for old architecture – especially castles. Stockholm looks like the setting of a fantasy novel (am fan of the genre, if you couldn’t tell), in my not-so-humble opinion. But I didn’t grow up or live in an ancient European city, so it’s all novel and crazy good to me.

Riddarholmskyrkan’s distinctive spire, across the water. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018

I wanted to spend more time there. Couldn’t stop thinking about it. But it would be three years before I went back again. In April this year, in keeping with celebrating our birthdays in a new place, Flemming and I went to Stockholm together for a few days.

Birthday boy on the eve of his birthday, crossing the big bridge to Södermalm. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018

I was all interested to see if he thought it was as wonderful as I did, seeing how he lived in an old European city of his own, dotted with castles (and is immune to them, so finds my castle-besottedness endlessly amusing). From all reports he was/is as impressed as I was.

On a walk on that first frozen day, somewhere near Odenplan. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018

Friends were full of suggestions for what to do in Stockholm. The only must-do-attraction-like thing we did was spend a day at Fotografiska, the Swedish Museum of Photography. We’re photographers. It’s a no brainer. And had a fika with fellow X-Photographers Knut Koivisto and Mia Galde at its exquisite rooftop restaurant-cafe-studio. Otherwise we simply wandered around the city for days, as photographers are wont to do – from downtown Stockholm, to Gamla Stan (we found Science Fiction Bokhandeln, where I want to move in), to Södermalm and back again. A gorgeous succession of drizzly, foggy and sunny days (all of them very cold!) meant there were always pictures to be taken. Lots and lots of pictures.

Somewhere in very impressive downtown. I’m crazy for these old buildings. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018
Massive construction works at Slussen. The city manages to look graceful despite building rubble. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018
Ahhh, that light. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018
Dapper. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018
At Fotografiska’s rooftop cafe-restaurant, which must have one of the best views of the city. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018
Christian Tagliavini’s exhibition at Fotografiska. I’m posting this one because the reflection against the photograph makes the model look like she’s holding a lightsaber. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018
Somewhere in Södermalm. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018
I can’t even remember where this building is, but will you look at that doorway. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018
Enormous spire of a church piercing the fog. Somewhere downtown. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018.
She wasn’t as impressed as I was with the texture of that building under repair. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018
Gamla Stan. I’ve seen SO MANY great pictures of the gorgeous old city. Couldn’t manage one myself. It’s harder to frame than I expected. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018
Gamla Stan by night with lone figure of birthday boy / ever willing model. As I remember, my legs were pretty frozen by this point. I fully appreciated how cold cobbled streets get in winter, during this trip (which was in spring)! Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018
Science Fiction Bokhandeln. Where I discovered – at midlife – comic books. Ermagherd. If I lived in Stockholm I’d spend all my time (and money!) here. Pure nerdvana. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018
Leaving the city. Window view from the Arlanda Express, enroute to the airport. Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018

Not entirely sure why I’ve warmed the tone on all my pictures so much. Stockholm seems to feel that way to me, all gilded and heavenly. Talk about rose tinted eh?

Stockholm, Sweden, April 2018

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