Amouna | Preemptive Love

Kurdistan, Iraq

I’ve been waiting to post this one for a while.

As a woman, it’s always great to see other women reclaim their confidence and their lives. And so often, all most of us need is a little helping hand.

Amouna is one among thousands and thousands of Iraqis displaced by ISIS terror. Life in a refugee camp is hard (to say the least), and she’s been struggling to make ends meet for 6 children, alone.

Then Preemptive Love donors stepped in to give her exactly the hand she needed to make her business work. So she’s making enough of a profit to never have to borrow, or rack up debt to keep her family alive. And it’s translated into livelihoods for her daughters as well, because this is now a family business.

That’s a win. Not the win to end all wins, but it’s a significant one. To be able to feed yourself, and those in your care is a vital thing.

This photo was made with an X-Pro2 during an afternoon of beautiful frames. The rest of the photos in the Preemptive Love blog post were video stills from the X-T3. I’m working on a video cut of that afternoon. Stay tuned.