Good Medicine

Central Iraq, May 2019

In my present line of work, I meet many extraordinary people. Folks who have made it through war, exile, unimaginable loss, and still find the grit to get up and do their best each day. Folks who go above and beyond to care for those around them.

Like the extraordinary Dr Mustafa, whose story is up on the Preemptive Love blog today. Check it out.

He’s a displaced doctor, serving displaced families. He’s a qualified physician, with a “real job” at the hospital where he lives, and more opportunity than folks who don’t have his level of qualification. He doesn’t have to take a second one in this devastated town, where the work is hard, and frequently heartbreaking.

Patients wait to see the doctor outside his office

But for some people, life is about service.

And for this doctor, it’s about healing where it’s most needed. Healing your country, your community, your people.

Healing your family.

Hats off to Dr Mustafa and all the doctors who are serving in places torn by war. There aren’t many who could, or would, do what they do.

Read the post, and see photos in color:

And a bonus behind-the-scenes shot for the 3 of you who still visit this blog:

Props to the doctors and medical staff caring
L-R: My teammate Ihsan (Preemptive Love’s video/motion graphics guy), Dr Mustafa and the clinic’s pharmacist Ahmed, exchange notes about something I can no longer recall.