Tampines interchange throwback

Singapore, circa 2018

This bus interchange is usually chock-a-block. I got this shot in a rare lull… Which didn’t last. More than a quarter of a million people live in this suburb, and this is its central transport exchange. The ebb and flow of people heading in and out of dozens of buses, trains, malls, neighborhood shops and of course—we are Singapore, and we have food, dammit—eating establishments is unrelenting.

It’s not SO crowded these days, because of pandemic restrictions, but there are still lots of people around.

I don’t miss pre-Covid crowds. The safe distances mandated by health authorities are preferred distances for me generally. I’m not a fan of crowds. But I miss people’s full faces. The mask, necessary as it is, glad as I am that we are all wearing it here, is another thing between us.