On blogging and social

Singapore, circa 2017

Different levels of excitement in Tampines interchange – the transport hub of our suburb.

For a little while here I’m going to be posting the photos that go on my Instagram feed. I have a ton of photos in my archive, and Instagram is where most of them end up. It’s got a built in audience, and I don’t take it as seriously as I do this site, so I end up posting there a lot more.

For some reason, blogging is far more of a Serious Endeavour than making a throwaway post on social that people are going to forget in under 3 seconds. Blogging’s a place to get serious about your opinions, products and business. Socials are where you keep it light (even if that is a very deliberate and curated lightness for those whose audience sizes make it necessary). And it makes sense, given how we use the internet to connect to each other now.

But I’m kind of tired of photos being phone sized. Especially when screens are getting bigger and more beautiful. It seems a shame not to offer people the option of seeing pictures on a larger screen if they should want to.

So going forward, if you follow me on the ‘gram, you’ll see the same photos here.

The difference though? Blog posts are always going to be more substantial.