After 6 months of not shooting at all, what I’m mostly doing now, is taking pictures of light on surfaces. If that surface is a human, it makes for a better frame, but it doesn’t have to be. The creep of sunlight over texture is an everyday joy.

I’ve spent half my life constantly moving – countries, cities, and when pinned to one place for long stretches, suburbs. I can’t stay put.

From the beginning, walking has been how I get to know my surroundings. Figuring out how a place is lit – naturally and artificially – will tell you a lot about its nature.

In the last 10 years, I’ve walked with a camera in my hand. So coming back home after 21 years away – yep, not going back to Iraq. Based out of Singapore for the long haul now – I’ve started doing the same thing. Getting to know the place again. Figuring out what it is, who I am here, after 21 years away.

Teaching myself how to see again, so to speak.

Singapore, October 2020