Ganesha Barber

Out on a photowalk the other day, a few of us walked by this old school barbershop and the guy in the blue mask (below) waved at us. So we went over to have a chat, and in the process, got invited inside the shop.

I’m always surprised to find that people enjoy letting random strangers — whose identities and intentions are unknown to them — into their semi-/private spaces. I was raised in a family that is mega territorial about its privacy, and being open to others in the world isn’t my default mode. So it’s always pleasant to remember that not everyone is this way.

It’s nice to feel welcome, and to learn to welcome in the process. I think the guys enjoyed being photographed as much as we enjoyed photographing them. Thank you to the Ganesha barbers and customers for the photos, the conversation, and the invitation.

Singapore, November 2020