Floral Melancholy

Some days ago I shared a gallery of flower photos on Instagram. They’re so far removed from the photos I usually make, that a fair few friends were intrigued. How did I do it? why did I do it? So last night I shared a multi-panel Instagram Story of how I came to make moody photos of plants.

I’m sharing the entire set of Stories here for posterity, without the original photos that sparked it (they were not part of the project). Best viewed on a lap-/desktop, to be able to read the overlaid text.

I need to make a book of these photos. This is easily the most well curated project I’ve ever done, as I was after something specific when I started it, and that specificity remains fresh even after all these years.

Like everything else: one day. Projects like these require headspace and I don’t have any at this juncture.