Kurdish Light

☀️ Sulaymaniyah city. Kurdistan, Iraq, 2019

Little compares to being at the top of a world washed in gold.

Ihsan Ibraheem and I had gone up to Goizha mountain to recce potential filming locations for the X-Pro3 launch video, back in 2019. It was blind luck that a bunch of paragliders were practicing that evening, winging over the city far below.

I’m still unreasonably stoked that Fujifilm used this particular shot as their banner / heading photo for their half yearly Fujifilm X Summit on 2 Sep.

I lived in Kurdistan, Iraq for a year in 2019, working for an American aid group.

📸 In the middle of 2019, Fujifilm asked me to be one of a handful of X-Photographers launching the brand new X-Pro3 — the camera line I’d used since it started in 2012. Check out the write up and a ton of photos.

📽 Luckily for the project, which required a movie to be delivered, I knew a fantastic filmmaker. Ihsan keen to create a movie for the project, and delivered a movie we’re both super proud of. Read about the movie making here.

X-Pro3, XF 35mm F1.4