Heavenly Sunset

☀️ Somewhere outside Sulaymaniyah city. Kurdistan, Iraq, 2019.

This spot was one of those heaven-on-earth encounters. At sunset, the farmers would herd cows and geese across the lower slope of the mountains, towards the village.

From the top of the ridge, where @ihsanibraheem and I were waiting with cameras at the ready, you could hear the odd vehicle winding along the valley floor. Otherwise, aside from the rush of the wind, it was quiet enough to slow the thrum of the city in my blood. Wait, wait, wait. A thud at a time.

Watch for the sun. Watch for the mountain.

I lived in Kurdistan, Iraq for a year in 2019, working for a small American aid organisation.

In the middle of 2019, Fujifilm asked me to be one of a handful of X-Photographers launching the brand new X-Pro3 — the camera line I’d used since it started in 2012. Check out the write up and a ton of photos.

The project required a movie to be delivered, and luckily, I knew a fantastic filmmaker. Ihsan keen to work on the project, and delivered a movie we’re both super proud of. Read about the movie making here.