Rising Sun

☀️ Sulaymaniyah city. Kurdistan, Iraq, 2019.

I always like to post this picture because it’s epic. Ihsan in action with the video camera at sunrise, in the living room of the big flat I shared with my friend and roomie, Nadine. We’d cooked up the fog that pronounced those rays flaring around Ihsan — It was a stroke of luck that the sun rose right into our living room, and could be enhanced by cooking up a glycerine solution.

A view of the rising sun outside of those same living room windows

It’s been two years since we made this movie, and almost as long since Nadine and I left Kurdistan for different hemispheres — Nadine to her next posting, and me back home to SIngapore. Nadine and I were recently digging through our respective archives, looking for a photo of the photo on the wall, that Ihsan is filming here (we had to leave it when we left). Turns out, a still from his video is the only reference either of us had to that one image.

I lived in Kurdistan, Iraq for a year in 2019, working for a small American aid organisation.

In the middle of 2019, Fujifilm asked me to be one of a handful of X-Photographers launching the brand new X-Pro3 — the camera line I’d used since it started in 2012. Check out the write up and a ton of photos.

The project required a movie to be delivered, and luckily, I knew a fantastic filmmaker. Ihsan keen to work on the project, and delivered a movie we’re both super proud of. Read about the movie making here. And if you’re so inclined, watch it here: