This would be the time to unsubscribe

Some months ago I started blogging about an injury and subsequent recovery from surgery. I’ve taken those posts down, deciding against documenting my recovery here. Mostly because I want to write about it without taking pictures, and this is — aspirationally — a photo blog.

I don’t really have a lot to say about photographing. I don’t think I ever had, but at least I was actively making images, both professionally and personally. I haven’t done much of either in the two years I’ve been back in Singapore. I’m still very involved in photography communities; I am a better person for photographers, and these connections are an important part of my life. But workload, illness, injury and general pandemic fatigue have taken their toll on the photography itself. My focus has also been redirected: for the first time in a solid while, I have the opportunity to stop moving and start learning, which I very much need.

I think I’m also done with this “here are some pictures I made” type posting — that’s what social media is for. I’m at the point where I can sincerely say I’m too old to be comfortable with regular updates on my life…if nothing else, because it really isn’t all that interesting!

Also I’ve had this blog since 2007, so in its 15th year, it’s time consider moving on.

There’s not going to be much coming from this channel anymore. Sporadic updates and the occasional bit of news, but if you come for slices of my life, you’ll get no more of that. This would be the time to unsubscribe.