Suburbia #14

Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Part of the Suburbia series



6 thoughts on “Suburbia #14

    1. Yes, much love for the kebab joint with the best street view in town!

      Marshalls – is that what they are! I couldn’t make them out ;)

  1. Very good. I’ve seen street scenes photographed through a café window that just look like the photographer is shy, hiding inside the café, but not this one! The letters on the window are an important part of your composition, drawing attention to the faces.

    1. Thanks Håkan! Well I was hiding inside the cafe, having a kylling pita on a rainy day with Flemming when I got this. I don’t feel shy about shooting in Copenhagen though (in summer anyway, the only time i’ve been)… I find the vibe from people generally easy, open, laid back, and this makes me the same, whether about shooting or anything else.

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