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I haven’t written at all about Flemming‘s and my little web development venture, Coffee and Magic. As our byline declares, we make simple WordPress websites. I’d been missing front end web work that made up the bulk of my job in the Matrix, and Flemming was loving exploring the capabilities of WordPress. It seemed that our joint interests were rather complementary, so we talked about what we could do, how we’d like to do it, and  in November 2013, a few weeks after my father died, we started Coffee and Magic.

It’s the perfect business for a couple of gypsies, as explained in an interview I did with for Hiveage’s 5/5 series.

True blue explorer, passionate nature activist, photographer, and maker of what are possibly the most impressive self portraits in the world, Daniel Fox was our first client: We launched The Wild Image Project in December 2013.


Since then we’ve worked, and are working on projects which are meaningful to us from both business and personal standpoints. We’ve made sites for photographers, NGOs, writers, industrial businesses, and have clients from even wider areas of interests on the go. We’ve talked through strategies for retaining audiences, how to best feature work, phasing future enhancement projects, and all sorts of other things. We’re pretty damn stoked about being able to do what we do, for more than bringing in income. It allows us to take our on-and-off web assistance to friends to the next level, we get to obsess over our individual interests in web development for a productive purpose, and we also feed off each other creatively and capabilities-wise.



Also, being able to work exactly when and how we want to, sans the laborious time-wastage that comes with being someone else’s employee, means we are always productive when we work. There is no confusion about measuring customer satisfaction, what our KPIs are, management and professional development. We run our business the way we make our sites: simply. We keep our customers happy, because they tell us when they’re not. When they’re happy, we get paid, we get better, we make better sites, we get more clients, and we’re happy. Satisfaction and its consequent motivation are how we idealize growing our business, and we’re working to keep it this way. We’ve both learned a tremendous amount about Wordpress in the 8 months the company has been going. In maturing our own business, we’ve also developed a better understanding of our clients’ businesses and how we can best help them getting their online presence to deliver what they want it to.

Yesterday marked a milestone for the company, launching a brand spanking new version of Flemming’s website:


It’s our most custom job yet:

Flemming needed a new site that focused on his music work, his evolution as a photographer in the music scene, and would also match the pizzaz of his work in this area. We’ve been tinkering around with it for some months, but for my part, the bulk of the work with styling was done 2 days before launch. Once I’d established a site format that would work, I spent one day putting in structure and styling, and the next building responsiveness into the stylesheet. All of my work with mobile responsiveness on our client sites to date, has been appropriating and modifying what the themes already have built in. This is the first site I’ve built responsiveness into from scratch, as we’d customised the theme to the extent that all the existing mobile styles were rendered moot. It was harder than I thought it would be, but incredibly satisfying to do, and I learnt many things in these 2 days. And while it’s not perfect (yet), it certainly works on a variety of devices.


Flemming is stoked:

A little trivia:

By pure coincidence, we launched the new yesterday, 8 August 2014, almost exactly 4 years from its last major revamp, 4 August 2010.

Viva la Coffee and Magic!

Have a project in mind? Have a look at our portfolio and give us a holler.


  1. Flemming W says:

    Looks really good on Mac and iPad, quick and responsive – nice work! :-)

    1. Charlene says:

      Great to hear! Thanks Flemming :)

  2. Coffee and Magic forevigt!

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