A new Charlene

Since we launched Flemming’s new site, I’d been dying to give my own very tired one a refresh. Especially because I’d also splurged some weeks ago and gotten a logo designed just for me, which I’ve been wanting to do for many years, but couldn’t quite justify.

The entire look and feel of this site was built around my very simple logo, created by the wonderful Cathy of Two Ten Solutions. I’m thoroughly in love with it, and having never personally requested the services of a designer before, I was surprised at how smooth and simple the process was (on my end anyway!). We of Coffee and Magic are not designers, so we often send our clients who need logo design or work of a branding nature done, off to Two Ten Solutions to get some real design lovin’. We recommend them highly and I can’t personally say enough about how thrilled I am with both the logo creation process and result.

Theme used is Moka by ElmaStudios, with customisations to suit.

I’ve been looking forward so much to this moment, I feel like a whole new me. I may the happiest website owner in the world right now.


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