An incidence of green

Cortez is a town in Colorado that is backed by tall mountains in the distance. I never get tired of mountain backdrops, snow capped, baldly jagged, always imposing. They represent to me, a different and wilder kind of life, being the sort of scenes I’d only seen through on a screen or in print, until recently. It is always the small things in these places that get…More

Salida, CO

Light is the life of photography. Words though, are denser for its absence. A freight train tears through the weight of the night, making me think that we cannot go without coming inevitably around. Leaving back again.More

Cheeky bugger

It’s not everyday you get neener-neener-ed by a horse wearing sunnies! Chadron State College Rodeo, Nebraska.More

Mount up!

Competitors warm up during the Chadron State College Rodeo, Nebraska.More

Wild eyed bronc

The rider, his hand caught in the rigging, is dragged halfway around the arena against bronc’s outer flank. Chadron State College Rodeo, Nebraska.More

Tie Siding and personal history

Just outside of Laramie, Wyoming, is a tiny hamlet called Tie Siding. A general store which doubles as a post office with a big shed selling fireworks, is all there is on the side of the road. Miss it in a blink.More

Grand Canyon

One should always stop to stare when coming across something as awe inspiring as the Grand Canyon.More