Song and Sustenance: A new direction for the X-Pro 1

Remember how I said I owned 3 cameras in the last post?

Well, I don’t anymore.

My battered old X-Pro 1 is getting a new lease on life, after having scoured the streets of many a city, and survived collisions with floors, roads, walls and a multitude of other surfaces.

It is moving on to gentler hands, and new purpose: A musical food blog.


My friend Laia, a music agent, DJ, and food enthusiast based in Copenhagen, is combining her love of music and good cooking in Beats and Bites.

She needed a decent camera to make pictures of her food with, and loved the X-Pro 1 at first contact. That dewy-dream-eye us photographers get when confronted with a longed-for bit of gear? That was what happened after she touched the camera for the first time. It’s doing well in her hands, which are applying their creative discipline to an unfamiliar medium and tools with smashing results:

Photo by Laia Kverneland
Photo: Laia Kverneland, Beats and Bites

The lime gazpacho above, by the way, is a refreshing, flavourful soup which is easy to make (and even easier to drink).

Head on over to for some musical nutrition and receipes. You can also find Beats and Bites on Facebook, and Instagram.


  1. hAMMEr says:

    Hi, so no more Xpro1 eh.. its great to pass on gear to good use… is it strictly the xt1 n xt10 now?.. i have a xt10 n am leaning for a xe2, you think fuji might leave the xe line in the dust anytime?

    great reads n pics!

    1. Charlene says:

      Yup, the X-T1 and X-T10 is all I’ve got. I hope Fuji continues the X-E line… I’d love to have an X-E2 (or whatever it’s next incarnation is) to call my own some day. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Laia says:

    It’s just an honor to babysit your camera, thank you for giving me the chance to discover another art discipline to express myself, J’adore!

    1. Charlene says:

      It’s in good hands, amiga :) I look forward to seeing where you go Beats and Bites.

  3. Sergey says:

    Glad to see an old friend join another friend. Looking forward to seeing some delicious music from Laia – best of luck.

    1. Charlene says:

      Thanks Sergey :)

  4. Håkan Lindgren says:

    Hi! I’d like to show you and Flemming some pictures from a concert of a different type than the ones you usually shoot. Last week there was an outdoor concert in a forest outside Stockholm, Sweden where I live. You walked through the woods for about half an hour until you found the designated place, next to a lake (some brave people were bathing). It was beautiful, perhaps the last true summer day for us. The bands played until 6 o’clock in the morning. I wish I could have stayed until then. The pictures are here –

    1. Charlene says:

      What a magical location. Love the pictures, they convey the atmosphere very well.

      It looked cold though… can’t believe people were swimming in the lake! Brrrrr

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