To all the Fujis I’ve loved before: X-Pro 1, X-T1, X-T10, X-E2

I’ve owned three Fuji X-series cameras since I made the switch from a DSLR kit three years ago, and have enjoyed them all. Going mirrorless has been a good move for someone who has to drag all her stuff around with her everywhere she goes. Using Fuji has meant owning a tough, lightweight kit that delivers pro quality images.

X-Pro 1

Front yard. From the bus, Perth, Western Australia.
Front yard. From the bus, Perth, Western Australia.

I bought the X-Pro 1 with the XF 35mm f1.4 lens in June 2012, and this is the camera that’s been on the most adventures and withstood the most abuse of them all. Read about it here.

The X-Pro 1 was the first Fuji X-series camera I ever used, and I still love how simple it is: One dial for shutter speed, another for exposure value, a function button for ISO, and the shutter button. I found it an intuitive tool which allowed me to shoot without thinking about what I was using – a stealthy camera in so many ways.

The hood of the 35mm f1.4, after hitting the tar after moving car incident. Nothing a pair of pliers can't bend back into shape.
The hood of the 35mm f1.4, after hitting the tar after moving car incident. Nothing a pair of pliers can’t bend back into shape.

That misshapen hood of this lens still surprises a lot of people. Random photographers ask to take a picture of it all the time.

It’s been laying dormant in Copenhagen since mid 2014 though, and picking it up again a few weeks ago, I marvel at how long ago I gave up my DSLR system for Fuji. Compared to a Nikon, the X-Pro 1 is a streamlined machine. Compared to the newer X-series cameras I’ve used since, it weighs a ton!



I got the X-T1 in March from Fuji Nordic, because I needed something to make more video with after making the promo video from for the 16-55,mm f2.8 at the end of 2014.

I really, really like this particular camera body. It is super responsive, fits perfectly into my grip, and is intuitive to use, a sophisticated piece of equipment for amateurs and professionals alike. And that huge, amazing electronic viewfinder, which weirded me out in the beginning, because my eyes have never seen the world with this level of clarity? That viewfinder rocks my socks.

My introduction to it with it was cut short by the arrival of the X-T10 (see below) though, so I’ve very recently begun to use it for stills.



I got the X-T10 in late April, as I was commissioned by Fujifilm to test, produce sample images and make a video. This little camera is the X-T1, condensed. It’s lighter and more compact with the same technology.

I’ve used it continually since it arrived at my door, for all sorts of things: the review images, my personal work, as well as event shooting. It’s presently my default chuck-in-bag camera.

They’ve gotten smaller, and more powerful over the years.

Top to -bottom: X-T10, X-T1, X-Pro 1
Top to -bottom: X-T10, X-T1, X-Pro 1

My favourite camera

But my favourite of any camera I’ve ever used (not just Fuji), is the one I never owned: The X-E2.

I prefer the unassuming, black-box styling of the X-Pro 1 and X-E2, to the flashy X-T1 & X-T10, which scream “expensive toy! Steal me!” in some parts of the world. The X-E2 is everything the X-Pro 1 is, in a smaller, faster, higher performing package.

With it slung over my shoulder, I easily assumed the mantle of  a harmless tourist, whether at a wedding, music festival, or dark highway. In these days of heightened paranoia, where almost anyone with a camera is a perceived threat, being able to work unencumbered by others’ suspicion is valuable beyond my ability to express.



26 thoughts on “To all the Fujis I’ve loved before: X-Pro 1, X-T1, X-T10, X-E2

      1. I think so. I’d like to think so anyway. But you know how it is, the long spells where the wretched mutt speaks a truth too resounding to be anything but. Plow on, plow on…

    1. Monte, aw, you can always dust the X-E1 off at a later date, once the novelty of the new camera has worn off, and use it again :)

  1. Been using the X-Pro 1 since the first day it came out and still use it today for both personal and professional work. Nice blog and images are fantastic!

  2. I watched your video for Fuji global. It was nice and want to have xt10 for second body! I love XT1 as well after you suggested me a few month ago on Instagram ! Thank you!
    I still use canon 6D as well because I have video to shoot. I don’t understand Fuji can’t choose ISO100 or ISO200 for video shooting.

    1. Hello Nobu! I’m happy to hear you’re loving the X-T1 – it sounded like you were ready to make the switch :) The X-T10 is smaller version of it, so I think you’d like it.

      I’m not sure myself, why the base ISO of video is 400, but maybe there will be a firmware update that fixes this in the future?

  3. Congrats to great pictures Charlene! Sold my DSLR equipment a while back loving my XPro 1 and never looked back!

    1. Definitely the 35. It’s the lens I’ve used the most though, so I’m slightly biased.

      But I will say, that having had the 27mm pancake for a couple of weeks, it’s fast becoming my new favorite.

  4. you can bet Charlene we all are looking forward to the XPro 2 ! ;-) hopefully the form factor wont be changed as its ideal IMO.
    otherwise the rumours may be right or not as its certainly long awaited for. Fuji normally listens to fotographers so they might be able to avoid some pitfalls other companies have fallen into.
    the mega pixel race is not as important as all that…..but fast focus and low light capabilities would be nice to have…as well as improved video action.

    1. Agreed completely Hans. The X-Pro 2 might be one of the worst kept secrets around. Rumours have been going on for so long that everyone is probably thinking “launch the camera now! We need to see if the rumours are right!”

  5. Do you have dust in your x-pro1 viewfinder? Mine have some, but I don’t use it as hard as you.

    1. Can’t remember now, but there was probably dust in it. There was dust just about everywhere in that camera.

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