Valby to Vegas

The grey ended in spectacular fashion, during my last week in Denmark. There was glorious sunshine, and Flemming and I got back to Valby (a suburb of Copenhagen where his sister, who kindly hosts us gypsies, lives) in time to catch the trees aglow in Søndermarken.

I’ve never been in Denmark so late in the year, and I was agog the entire time, still not believing that trees do this – turn a colour so incredible I have no words for what it does to my heart.

Gold leaves, gold light. Søndermarken, Copenhagen.
Gold leaves, gold light. Autumn 2016, Søndermarken, Copenhagen.

I was reminded of the only other time I experienced fall colors at scale, two years ago now. Flemming and I toured the western half of the USA in late 2014, clocking up 10,000 miles on the rental car during the 3 months we were there. I blogged about it in discombobulated fragments through October and November of that year, but not in a particularly cohesive manner. That in itself is no surprise; I’ve never had a particular plan with this blog, preferring to post sequentially on Instagram, and reserve this space for whatever I happen to feel like writing about.

On the ferry from Faaborg to Ærø, Denmark. October 2016.
On the ferry from Faaborg to Ærø, Denmark. October 2016.

But it felt more random than usual, in my state of mental spaciness after my father died in late 2013. I remember the time between his death and that road trip as miserably suffused with repressed rage and a peculiar insanity that I’ve come to learn, is reasonably common of the grieving process. Getting into a car in the best country I’ve ever driven in, was something both Flemming and I really, really wanted to do. It cost me pretty much all the money I had in the bank, but those open skies, movement, and getting to lose ourselves in the splendour of America’s National Parks was (and continues to be) good medicine.

Las Vegas, USA. October 2016.
Las Vegas, USA. October 2016.

And so we’re back in the USA.

Jetted into Las Vegas appropriately, on Halloween, picking up a swanky silver Toyota Camry from the rental agency. Blared out of that crazy town after a day of rest. We have all of November in the Southwest before heading to respective motherlands for Christmas with our families.

Weeping Rock, Zion National Park. November 2016.
Weeping Rock, Zion National Park. November 2016.

My hard drive is dangerously close to exploding with all the pictures I’ve been taking after only a week. Every time  I come to this crazy country, it’s like I’m seeing everything in it for the first time in technicolor, despite having been here plenty in the last four years.



Everything is brighter, for more than the blazing sun we’ve been getting at elevation in Utah so far. Coming to the USA just to drive and hike is incredible.

It’s good to be back on the road.



12 thoughts on “Valby to Vegas

  1. The picture from Las Vegas is fantastic, scary, shot in the right second. And yes, the yellow leaves, they amaze me every year.

    1. Am I being a starry eyed tourist, or do you actually get used used to them turning that crazy bright yellow after a while?

  2. Welcome back. I hope you have a great visit and (in the sense of the supposed Chinese curse about living in interesting times) not too interesting. That first multilayer reflection image (from Valby, I presume) is fantastic and endlessly fascinating.

    1. Yes, that’s Valby train station, and the red bit is a suburban train going by :) It’s been great here so far, but I come for the national parks and those remain breathtaking, no matter the electoral shenanigans.

  3. “Am I being a starry eyed tourist, or do you actually get used used to them turning that crazy bright yellow after a while?”

    I discovered them one autumn as a teenager, never paid much attention before that. Certain trees, such as aspen, are the best, most yellow. Ash trees get beautiful too (are there aspen or linden in your picture?). I am still amazed and grateful; perhaps I’ve gotten used to it, but that also means that I can look forward to it every year.

    In the weekend I was walking among trees where everything was gray, like a black and white picture, except for the few yellow leaves that still hung around. A strange mood. I tried to capture that with my camera. Not sure if I succeeded. Someone might just look at the picture and say, “Yeah, what?”

    All the best to you and Flemming from Stockholm!

    1. I used to know the Danish name for those trees but I’ve forgotten what they are now. Yes, aspen is gorgeous – seen a few here in the States, golden and fluttering.

      Your picture sounds like it speaks very well of all the election madness happening right now.

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