Landscapes Of Memory magazine


I made a magazine with my photos. It arrived a few days ago and I’m taken aback by what a beautiful thing a Premium Magazine is. Look through it in entirety:

Last time I made any kind of a book was three years ago. For as long as I’ve been a nomad, I’ve resisted the idea of printing. I never used to have the walls, and adding to the weight of my bag makes little sense. But since reclaiming my adolescent bedroom in Singaland, and Mum not minding, the want to make physical things is hitting with force. Of course, first urge that strikes is to make a book. There’s just something about seeing my work in book form. There’s nothing like a book.

This one was a product of whimsy – exported a bunch of images, installed Bookwright, slapped it together, ordered a copy. Jetlag encourages impulse.

Landscapes of Memory spread. Preview the magazine here

The photos in this volume are a collection of landscapes from this spring in northern Jutland (Denmark), made during the course of my Hundred Day Diary project. I’ve never been a landscape shooter, but out in farming country where Flemming’s father lives, it was hard not to find pleasure in the grace of crop fields and sentinel trees under heavy skies.

Preview magazine in full here

I shot these landscapes with both camera and phone, and did most of the collective image processing on the phone. Still surprised by how powerful such a little thing is.

Check out the full preview of the magazine.


I’ve loved making books on Blurb throughout the years, and the only thing stopping me from doing one of these luxe magazines for each of my projects is the shipping cost. I wish shipping to Singapore didn’t cost more than the magazine itself.


  1. Brian Miller says:


    More! More!

    1. Charlene says:


  2. Mark Kinsman says:

    This is inspiring ! I’ve been working on the raw materials for a few of these myself. I need a 48 hour day…..

    1. Charlene says:

      You and me both. The time just slips away

  3. I truly love this and cannot wait to see a copy. I can’t wait to give one to my father as well, he will love it very much.

    Also “I am not a landscape photographer?”…pffffttt!!! Poetical beautiful landscapes. I can only echo Brian, more more more :)

    1. Charlene says:

      ❤ It will be nice to have more copies of this. One day, when the shipping gets cheaper perhaps!

  4. Daphenie Ho says:

    WoW! They are beautiful…..going to borrow from you to touch and feel. :) Well done!!!

    1. Charlene says:

      Thank you. I’ll bring it along when I see you :)

  5. walker says:

    pretty darn sweet!

    1. Charlene says:

      Thanks! I’m really happy with how it turned out.

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