Winter, Chapter 5: On Fog

Northern Jutland, Denmark

This happened the day after the snow.

“So, i hear you’re enjoying winter?”

It’s true: I might be the most excited person in Denmark right now, when it comes to the weather. There’s been all kinds of winter since I got here at the end of February: the sunny, frosty days, the grey, low skies, the howling gales, light blizzards.

But very little beats waking up to fog.

Spring 2018

Peeking out the window to woolly white air, is the cue to scramble out of bed, throw on all available clothing and run out the door. It’s my all round favourite weather phenomenon, turning the most mundane of things – the garage door, the pig farm across the road – mysterious and entirely new.

If I thought the first morning in the country was epic, the second was pure magic.

Stone age barrow. Spring 2018
Stone age barrow. Spring 2018


The picture heading this post is an old one. I made it in 2015, the first time I ever came to Northern Jutland, and also the first time I encountered this incredible fog. It’s not one I can make again, because the trees that make the picture what it is, were recently removed for their increasing frailty, and consequent danger to locals.

The winter has been starker without them, as spring will be.

Spring 2017
Spring 2018


4 thoughts on “Winter, Chapter 5: On Fog

    1. You need to get further north Luis ;) Kidding. I come from a place where fog just doesn’t happen, so this is pretty insane

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