Winter, Chapter 2.5: Castle in fog

Hillerød, Denmark, early March

This one’s a throwback to that crazy foggy day I woke up to, at the beginning of this trip to Denmark. I look at these pictures now, a month and a half after they were made. I can’t believe myself that I was there, wandering around a the quiet town center that morning. Buildings were ghosting in and out of sight, as were people. It’s a funny thing, memory. Some parts are so distinct and others are mutable depending on the state of mind. The sights in the photos seem unreal, but I can remember the crispness of the cold on my face, exhaling clouds of ice.

The castle itself was barely visible unless you were right in its grounds, surrounded by all that imposing brick and wrought iron. And even then, it’s spires were lost to the clouds.

Town center, Hillerød


Town center, Hillerød. From this point you would normally see a large statue, just behind the figures in the frame, and the far shore where the Frederiksborg Castle’s outbuildings are.
Neptune fountain, Frederiksborg Castle gates
Neptune fountain, Frederiksborg Castle
Frederiksborg Castle
Frederiksborg Castle
Slotssøen (The castle lake).
Frederiksborg Castle outbuildings
Frederiksborg Castle outbuildings
Frederiksborg Castle forest
Baroque Gardens, Frederiksborg Castle

I’ve been putting off publishing these photos. As the deadline for me to leave draws closer, the less I want to share, because that would require properly acknowledging that I won’t be back for a while so long, it feels like forever. There are reasons this project is called A Memory of Goodbye. Right now, these are half formed impressions while the journey progresses to its end. What the memories will be after they have swirled and congealed into something definite, is yet to be seen.


  1. TK says:

    Lovely light.
    Thanks for sharing these!

    1. Charlene says:

      Thank you Tina :)

  2. These are wonderful mesmerising images. I’m not surprised that you don’t want to leave it all behind. Beautiful

    1. Charlene says:

      My thanks Mark. It is very beautiful out in that part of Denmark. Fog was the icing on the cake

  3. Michel says:

    Each one of these are pure joy and fantastic images, Charlene.
    What a mood to them.

    1. Charlene says:

      Thank you Michel

  4. Mark Owen-Ward says:

    Do you ever sell prints of your images? Would really love a signed print of the castle lake.

    1. Charlene says:

      I’ve actually been planning to start a little print shop on my site soon. Stay tuned Mark, there’s definitely more of this to come.

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