Kurdish Sunset

☀️ Sulaymaniyah city. Kurdistan, Iraq, 2019.

This picture was taken around the same time, and from the same spot, as the one in the last post. I made a lot of photos that evening. The light was incredible like the view, and there were all kinds of interesting things happening. I love how the Shasti — the big road ringing the city — winds like an old river on a floodplain in this arid, arid place.

I lived in Kurdistan, Iraq for a year in 2019, working for an American aid group.

In the middle of 2019, Fujifilm asked me to be one of a handful of X-Photographers launching the brand new X-Pro3 — here’s the write up and a ton of photos.

I could never have made the promo movie on my own. Luckily, Ihsan Ibraheem (a filmmaker who was also my colleague) was keen to take on the promo movie on. I saw the excellence that Ihsan brought to work everyday, and was stoked to work with him. So proud to star in the movie he made. Read about our working process.