It took an Instagram outage disabling my feed, to get me back to this space again.

I don’t post on Instagram all that much. A bunch of pictures once a month, if that. The odd event call out. I use it mostly as a messaging service, with some direct messages going back years. But it’s convenient, with perpetual availability on my phone, and critically, a user experience to match (which WordPress isn’t quite). So there is — however sporadically — activity on Instagram. And no matter how much I grouse about algorithms etc, the platform does its job. It keeps me connected.

Writing on this website is an act of deliberation. I’m talking into a void, especially since last update on this blog was almost a year ago, and that was to tell the three of you left to unsubscribe.

Well, if you didn’t unsubscribe, hello again *waves*

Not sure what’s coming on this blog. I don’t have a plan outside of “write here more,” whatever that means. There’ll be little photography talk. I gave up anything to do with photography when I came back to Singapore, which is a story for another time.

So, stay tuned, if you’re still tuned in!