Seattle Japanese Garden

under my tree-roof slanting lines of april rain separate to drops ~ Matsuo Bashō +

Suburbia #18

My big sister’s home invites love and amazing light. Seattle, USA Part of the Suburbia series


…the number of months of gypsy-jangling, not the Pearl Jam album. Every month i survive on the road, intact and sometimes even flourishing (to ongoing amazement), I come back to this sign. This was painted inside the bus stop near …


Western Towboat Co. – Portraits

My thanks to these great people at the Western Towboat Company, for having me around, giving me so much time, and sharing your stories.



These are hands that build. That carve and sand and fit out boats with the lush warmth of fine wood, for the practical and aesthetic comfort of their crews.


Sub Seattle

. Wandering with photographers in their home towns, getting unique insight into their perspectives about the places that they live, is something I’ve always appreciated and hope to continue doing all throughout my wanderings. Seattle isn’t strictly Jacob Lucas‘ home town – …


Seattle Central Library

I didn’t count on doing any nightwalking while I was in the USA in January, as I wasn’t sure how well I’d handle the cold.