Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef

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Bryce Canyon National Park was the first proper post-jetlag, now-we’re-getting-sleep-and-have-balance hiking we did. We walked around for hours among the hoodoos and great towering cliffs, breathing deeply, lucky to be there at this point in time, enjoying the magnificence of the reserve. Capitol Reef National Park Another first. I hadn’t actually heard of Capitol Reef before this trip, a reserve built around a wrinkle in the earth called the Waterpocket Fold. We spent no time save a cursory drive through, on our way to the other side. I took the opportunity to make a picture or two of our rental for the month – a silver Toyota Camry, which I found myself really, really enjoying. It’s a sure sign of age when excellent fuel economy, space and comfort become distinct pleasures. My …

Finding Zion

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Utah, USA, November I was born in November, and as we did 2 years ago, Flemming and I celebrated my birthday by spending 2 weeks fully enjoying national parks – this time, all five of Utah’s. We were in the country during the election, but if you didn’t turn on the TV or read the news, there were few signs of the political contention heating the wires. Zion National Park This was my first visit to Zion. I started this post fully intending to post a big bunch of pictures, because it was so so beautiful, and such a welcome change after the garishness of Vegas. Then I discovered I don’t have many pictures to post. Right. What I remember most of Zion, is the shuttle that you have to take to get around the scenic …

Valby to Vegas

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The grey ended in spectacular fashion, during my last week in Denmark. There was glorious sunshine, and Flemming and I got back to Valby (a suburb of Copenhagen where his sister, who kindly hosts us gypsies, lives) in time to catch the trees aglow in Søndermarken. I’ve never been in Denmark so late in the year, and I was agog the entire time, still not believing that trees do this – turn a colour so incredible I have no words for what it does to my heart. I was reminded of the only other time I experienced fall colors at scale, two years ago now. Flemming and I toured the western half of the USA in late 2014, clocking up 10,000 miles on the rental car during the 3 months we were there. I blogged about …


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June 2013, Washington D.C. I rarely stop strangers to ask for a portrait. But back in 2013, I spent some illuminating weeks with photographers in the area – the guys at Strata Collective, Diriki Rice and John Nelson – learning about their practice, and was encouraged to step out of my shell. That time in DC remains one of the highlights of the last few years: for the fellowship, the broadening of horizons, and catching up with my very old friend Carmen, who put me up for the 3 weeks I was in town. I stopped many strangers in that time, and often find myself thinking of the people I asked for a portrait. There was Shaun, below: I was hanging around a corner in Washington DC’s Chinatown, when she walked by with …

The edge

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“Do one thing every day that scares you.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt Today, I properly closed a ten year chapter of my life. The math screamed “wrong!” Judgement said “you’re an idiot.” A probable future me said “Nup, shouldn’t have done that.” Tension fled. The mind sagged, relieved. The heart kicked back with a margarita and said “fuck it. Let the games begin.”